Taxpayer funded education in Georgia is controlled with this system.

School takeovers and conversions into charter schools are determined by the ratings in this system.

Local school boards and local schools are held hostage.  This system sets up an incentivized monopoly in education.

State legislators need to stop passing bad education legislation and get rid of this school rating system.  With this, nobody knows how students are actually doing because the measures are relative and bonus points can be awarded for who you are rather than what you know.

HB 338 Empowers the Hijacked School Rating System

The Opportunity School District local school takeover failed at the ballot box because it was based on these bogus school ratings.  But, certain legislators voted for the "Chief Turnaround Officer" bill based on these same bogus ratings.  The local boards of education opened the door to the takeover when they signed Charter District or Investing in Educational Excellence contracts with the state.  Now local schools are under pressure to maintain high bogus school ratings to avoid a takeover by the state and conversion into charters without elected representatives.  These charters are even more accountable to keeping up with the bogus point system based on common core and federal programs.  

How did your legislator vote?

See how your legislator voted to increase the power of the federally incentivized school rating system: