SB 156 A Private Foundation for the Appointed State Charter Commission

SB 156 passed in the Georgia State Senate on March 9, 2015. The State Charter School Commission is appointed, not elected by the people.  This bill gives that appointed commission the authority to establish a nonprofit corporation  "... for the sole purpose of actively seeking supplemental revenue and in-kind goods, services and property to promote the state charter schools and any other purpose of the commission." (lines 42-44)  This creates a crony-capitalism type of educational system at best and borders on fascism.  This sets up the mingling of public and private money to promote schools that are not under the authority of locally elected officials, or any elected officials for that matter, in an effort to boost student enrollment and increase the money to privately run charter schools, including brick and mortar as well as virtual schools funded with taxpayer dollars.  The private money involved in these schools could be used to control and dictate what is taught and funded with public money similar to the way the federal government dictates what is taught through the funding of grants and Title 1 programs.  The "any other purpose" clause is also a cause for concern because the activities and purposes are undefined. 

Charter Commission Private Foundation
(1) Tippins, Lindsey 37th(2) Wilkinson, John 50th(3) Millar, Fran 40th
(4) Shafer, David 48th(5) Stone, Jesse 23rd(6) Williams, Michael 27th
SB 156 Charter Commission Private Founda
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