SB 132 Work Based Learning Dual Enrollment

This bill gives authority to the Georgia Student Finance Commission to implement this program that is part of the career clusters work based learning program.  The Georgia Student Finance Commission is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. According to the legislation, all eighth grade students shall be provided with information and materials at the time the student is developing his or her individual graduation plan as required by Code Section 20-2-327.  Each eligible high school shall be required to execute a participation agreement as prescribed by the commission. (lines 64-68)  Dual enrollment high school credit will be awarded for career, technical and agricultural education courses. (line 76)  These courses are related to the career clusters that are copyrighted and owned by Achieve, the private organization that copyrighted and owns the common core standards. 

The courses include technical education and training prerequisites for any state, national or industry occupational certifications or licenses required to work in the field. (lines 97-99)  Students will be able to earn dual enrollment credit for work based learning.  (lines 176-181)  Remember that HB 766, passed in 2014, eliminated the stipulation that students would be paid for work based learning.  The local school system is removed completely as an authority and the "eligible high school" is inserted in place of the local school system.  The eligible high school is under the authority of the appointed Georgia Student Finance Commission rather than the locally elected school board.  (line 85)

What is wrong with SB 132?

SB 132 usurps the authority of the local school system, the student, and the parents.  The Georgia Student Finance Commission has the authority.  Students will be in training programs beginning in the 8th grade.  Career pathways must be approved by "teacher advisors" (see HB 400 from 2010) They will not be compensated for the work they do, and it will be part of their graduation requirements.  There is no guarantee that students will graduate with basic skills in reading, writing and math because HB 91, also passed in the Georgia House of Representatives this year eliminates the High School Graduation Test.

Download the text of SB 132 here.

SB 132 Work Based Learning Dual Enrollment
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