Private Schools Under Attack

RED ALERT:  The Georgia Legislature is attempting to take over private schools with "Education Savings Accounts."  HB 243

We must stop this. Read it for yourself.  You will not believe it.  They are going after private schools with taxpayer bribe money!

The participating school shall, "(6) Annually administer to all participating students a nationally norm-referenced assessment or a state required, nationally norm-referenced assessment that measures learning gains and provides for value added assessments in grades and subjects that are administered to students in public schools in the state.  The participating school shall annually provide to the office the results of any assessments administered to participating students pursuant to this paragraph.” lines 152-157


"Learning gains" are part of the bogus growth model and involve comparing students, only half the students can make learning gains.  This is also found in ESSA.  "Value added assessments" are subjective, not based on academics and include the U.S. DOE backed brownie points that we call the CCRPI in Georgia.  Both of these are required.  Notice that they must be "administered in grades and subjects that are administered to public school students in the state."  Since HB 91 eliminated the high school graduation test, that definition has expanded and there will be no actual difference between the public school and private school assessments.  These results will be part of the electronic database submitted to Congress under ESSA. 


Lines 197-201 require parent surveys.  "(e) The office shall administer an annual parent satisfaction survey that queries parents of participating students regarding: (1) Their satisfaction with the program: (2) Their opinions on other topics, items, or issues that would elicit information about the effectiveness of the program..."

This requirement mirrors the school climate surveys in public schools.

If passed, this bill will bring the public school lower level rigid grade level based standards and assessments to private schools that opt to accept the Education Saving Account money.

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See if the federal government already has your data.

Look up your school at private school locator.


Here is the link to the bill.

Education Savings Accounts Legislation 2016 Georgia
HB 243 Education Savings Accounts 2016.p
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