HB 474 Charter Admissions Priorities

Passed in the Georgia House of Representatives on March 13, 2015.  It did not pass in the Georgia Senate so we will watch for it in 2016 and ask our representatives not to vote for it.

This bill gives priority charter school admission to students who are "educationally disadvantaged and military students."  Educationally disadvantaged students are defined as students who are economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities, limited English proficient students, neglected or delinquent students, and homeless students.  A military student is defined as the dependent child of an active duty military service member who is stationed in Georgia or how is on deployment and lists Georgia as such service member's home of record."  Lines 10-15.

Download the full text here.

Charter School Admission Priorities
(1) Kaiser, Margaret 59th (2) Clark, Valerie 101st (3) Dudgeon, Mike 25th
(4) Mayo, Rahn 84th (5) Coleman, Brooks 97th
HB 474 Charter School Admissions Priorit
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