Updated Legislation Information for 2016

PDF of Education Legislation Brochure
This lists all the legislation with summaries up to 2016, including vetoed bills.
AngelaEFC Brochure Legislation CC.7.25.1
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB
Publisher file of the Education Legislation Brochure
This lists all the legislation of concern up to 2016 with the vetoed bills described.
EFC Brochure Legislation CC.10.14.16.pub
pub File 12.4 MB
Tri-Fold Legislation Brochure with summaries
You can download the above information here.
EFC Brochure Legislation CC.7.13.16.pub
pub File 11.1 MB

2015 Education Legislation Information

Download the Brochure Here

EFC Brochure Legislation CC.1.29.16.pdf
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Download the Opportunity School District Flyer Here

Opportunity School District Flyer
Shows the ballot wording and the rationale for a NO vote.
Opportunity schools amendment.pdf
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Red Alert: Attack on Private Schools

Attack on Private Schools Red Alert
Red Alert January 29 2016.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 112.8 KB

Download the PowerPoint Here

State and Federal Education Legislation for Public and Private Schools
This is summary of the education legislation that enabled common core standards, assessments, new school rating systems, and copyrighted career pathways.
Education Legislation 11.4.15.pptx
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