Georgia's Early Learning Grant Application: 51 Million Dollars

Georgia Race to the Top Early Care Appli
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This grant sets up a governance structure for all public early learning (birth-5) in the State of Georgia. 

It puts the governor and one private business leader in charge of everything.  (pages 102 and 103)

The governance structure will remain in effect after the grant expires. (pages 105 and 106) 

Over 5 million of the grant is for the expansion of the workforce birth-5 data system. (page 323)

Georgia's Race to the Top Grant Application from 2010

Georgia's Race to the Top Grant Application
You can see how this one document eliminated Georgia's educational freedom.
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Parents and School Board members had no say in this grant application.

Georgia's "Flexibility" Waiver

Georgia's Flexibilty Waiver from the U.S. D.O.E.
This "flexibility" waiver is 304 pages. It requires Georgia to adopt the common core. Georgia also must evaluate teachers and administer tests the U.S. D.O.E. way.
Flexibility Waiver from the US DOE for G
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Submitted by the Georgia Department of Education to the U.S. Department of Education

Notice the absence of input from the following:

1. The parents of the students served

2. School Board members as locally elected representatives

Georgia's Career Technical Education 5 Year Plan
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This is a link to an article that details the upcoming plans to have students select a career path in 8th grade and how the HOPE scholarship will be based on this and students taking either AP, IB or dual enrollment courses.  It is related to the 5 year plan.  None of these changes have been officially approved by parents or school board members.

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