Private Control of Public School Students

Tippins and his gang is up to yet another common core cartel bill, this time SB 348.  I have attached it for your review.  It consolidates the work force and free labor initiatives under the charter school or charter system schemes. They are doing this because local school districts have already sacrificed their autonomy when they signed those performance contracts with the state of Georgia based on the bogus CCRPI point scoring system. This one will allow a private organization or private individuals to control the work force development of public school students.  It was previously called, "Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia's Economy Act." 

It also adds initial and annual governance training, so non-elected local "governing" boards will know and do the will of the common core cartel.  (lines 71-77)  Sound familiar?

SB 348
Brought to you by: LIndsey Tippins, Bill Cowsert, John Wilkinson, Michael Williams and Freddie Powell Sims
SB 348 Charter College and Career Academ
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