Foundations of Education

Course Introduction


Foundations of Education


Lesson 1 Discussion Assignment


Who do you think should have the responsibility and authority for the education of young people?


Out of 100% authority, give each line a percent influence so all the percentages add up to 100.


1.    International/Global Interests


2.    School Principals/Staff


3.    Parents and Families


4.    Local School Boards


5.    Teachers


6.    The Federal Government


7.    Students


8.    Churches/Religious Leaders


9.    Business/Industry Leaders


10.State Governments




Part 1: Provide a rationale for each choice above.  If you listed 0% for any of the items on the list, explain your thoughts on that as well.


Part 2: Which books did you pick? What interests you about the books that you have selected?


Part 3: Is there a book about the foundations of education that you would like to read but do not see listed?  If that is the case and you would like to choose a book that is not on the list, provide the name of the book and the reason you would like to include that book in your studies on the foundations of education.


Assignment 1 Description
Percent ranking and book selections
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